Monitoring EHR Access Behavior

  • Making visual sense of data volumes

    While employing artificial intelligence to flag potential breaches, professionals must then visually identify and confirm escalation-worthy cases

  • Telling the data story with event context

    Users must discover problems by reviewing surrounding meta-informaton at each datapoint; upgrades to monitoring efficiency may keep users below thresholds of elevating error rates

  • Multiple meta-data focuses

    Using intelligent visual structuring increases overall understanding during transitions between meta-data focuses, and eases effective decision-making in a compliance-heavy environment

Attentional Focus (IxD, GD)

High information density, low distinction factors

The starting (provided) mockup explicated the business process and goals. It muddled the visual ‘targeting’ of relevant data-points, where points themselves seemed to recede into the broad interface. From the timeline to the dual profiles on either side, the data lost its position in the visual prioritization-order of content.

Ordered visual prioritization

The UI emphasizes data points and their connections, in ordering the visual hierarchy by cognitive workflow priority. From this starting focus, the visual prioritization ripples outward toward datapoint context. [individually styled] broadening spheres of relevant metadata, together set the stepwise order of datapoint context --for example the encounters (cyan) and respective clinics (white) now settle among the data points themselves.

commentary: subsequent phases

Ultimately the structural architecture of the data visualization, may accomodate the development of subsequent data perspectives. Rotating and zooming this above view, to focus on narrower cross-sections along the timeline, can offer up meta information surrounding data-points (relationship knowledge, in lieu of tabular mutual exclusivity).

Such structure-level manipulations of data perspective, provide benefits rippling out to each tranche of the data prioritization content order-

  • in particular, perceptibility of cross-facility datapoint connections (between 'shelves') would result, from the cross-sectional perspective shift.

tinted info panel