A CRM for the [delivery] business cycle

A patchwork of disjoint services awaits the HR Account Manager, while in development and subsequent consultation with a "territory" of employers. Thoughtful pre-planning and pitch preparation must go into the mere retrieval, of relevant data for an early-stage client-employer meeting, as per the state of industry- 2016.

  • Bonus: 'Recruiter-employer communities'
    "The vast proportion of recruiters won't last two [let alone one] year(s) on the job"

Experience-quality in remote education

Remote work affects performance in a balance of ways. Fantastic mobility and freedom allows unprecedented adaptation and agility; yet mitigating its [experience] downsides with fresh looks at the core value of mobility itself, can also change work traditionally. Mobility delivers as a virtue, whether on-site or off it.

Data's intent: a health start-up's vision-piece

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Facilitating physical behaviors

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