A patchwork of disjoint services awaits the HR Account Manager, while in development and subsequent consultation with a "territory" of employers. Thoughtful pre-planning and pitch preparation must go into the mere retrieval, of relevant data for an early-stage client-employer meeting, as per the state of industry- 2016.

  • Bonus: 'Recruiter-employer communities'
    "The vast proportion of recruiters won't last two [let alone one] year(s) on the job"

Data presentation will dramatically increase the significance of the stores of data held by contemporary organizations. Implicit within data visualizations, the user workflow and information structure meet to produce the UI paradigm. A Baltimore start-up required a powerful, extensible interaction model for bringing data to the user. Their novel approach to electronic health record (EHR) security needed a visionary UI to match their product capability, in a push toward first-round seed funding.

Remote work affects performance in a balance of ways. Fantastic mobility and freedom allows unprecedented adaptation and agility; yet mitigating its [experience] downsides with fresh looks at the core value of mobility itself, can also change work traditionally. Mobility delivers as a virtue, whether on-site or off it.

Mobile design hinges on the frame of mind and physical workflow of its users. Flipping through content while seated, and perhaps while multi-tasking, requires a different kind of interface than retrieving and referencing information while physically performing. In this sense mobile design requires keen tracking of a multitude of converging influences particular to each need & moment.

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